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Thank you for taking a few moments and stopping by. This site is intended to provide you with information regarding the book "From Jihad to Jesus" as well as its’ author Jerry Rassamni.

Jerry Rassamni grew up as militant Muslim fighting against Christians during the Lebanese Civil War. The author of From Jihad to Jesus: An Ex-Militant’s Journey of Faith (Living Ink Books) is no longer a sniper caught in a succession of endless blood feuds or anti-West hatred. A former Islamic militant, Jerry came to see something that some never perceive in a lifetime. “In my Jihad, I came face to face with a frightening discovery: the true human heart. I saw it exposed behind the masks of piety, behind the lies of purity, and behind the sham of godliness, and I beheld the heart of darkness. I saw the evil that belies the human heart, and I was changed by the horror of it.” Rassamni continues, “Subsequently, I dared to question... my religious infrastructure. I had the courage to think freely, unencumbered by my tradition and idealism. I looked, and what I saw changed me forever.”

After escaping Lebanon, Rassamni eventually made his way into the United States long before 9/11. The love of Christians gradually melted his hardened heart. Having seen the darkness in his own heart, he began to question his inherited beliefs but found it difficult to consider Christianity. “I thought, ‘me become a Christian? You must be kidding me! Christians ministered to me with their bullets in Lebanon. Furthermore, Christ was a Jew.” His hesitation soon gave way as “I read about a God who loved me so much that He paid the price for my sins, so that I could come before the throne of the Creator of the universe, and call Him Baba” – affectionate word for father in Arabic. Jerry continues: “This revelation rocked my world.” Rassamni soon recognized that hatred is not an attribute of the Almighty but that God is love.

Rassamni says, “Cold blooded murder is evil. Love is superior to hatred. Freedom is more precious than suppression. Truth is nobler than plagiarism.” He explains that Islam mercilessly crushes dissent.

Although Islam holds 22 percent of the world’s population within its grasp, Rassamni believes that many people follow their faith out of ignorance, fear, or both. Rassamni says: “This book contains my excavation of the truth and emancipation from the shackles of pride and idealism. This journey is not for the faint of heart, nor the automaton, but it is for the bold seeker of truth that burns within oneself and which cannot be silenced, no matter the price.”

Rassamni continues, “In our quest for the truth, we must never be afraid to question—for not to question is slavery of the mind on the altar of ignorance. It is the greatest irony that men and women live and die enslaved without ever peering beneath the surface, without looking for the truth. I could have lived and died as a slave to ideas I had cherished much of my life, if like Pilate, I hadn’t take the time to look beneath the surface of those beliefs. Instead, I chose to examine the evidence in search of the truth.”

Jerry wrote in the introduction, “I would like to acknowledge the Muslims of the world. I love you from the inner depths of my spirit, and it is for you that I write this book. I have some good news for you. You do not have to spend the rest of your lives fearing the Day of Judgment as I used to. Christ has already atoned for your sins...”

If you have personal questions or are struggling with "hard issues" of faith, please visit Jerry's blog were you can ask him questions directly as well as research some of the many questions already posed. Also, please make sure you visit the Resources page for some interesting insights.

You will find a man with a true heart for telling others about the awesome power of God's perfect love in an unapologetic way!

“This powerful manuscript is a potential best seller…  It is meticulously researched and documented...  It is a careful apologetic for evangelical Christianity, made even more potent because it is written by an ex-Muslim.”
Dr David Shibley, President of Global Advance  

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